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Typical Cataract Instructions – Weeks 2-4

Your typical eye drop instructions for weeks 2-4 after cataract surgery are:

Please take the DUREZOL and BROMDAY once a day in the surgical eye.  These drops heal the inside of the eye.

Artificial tears, such as Systane Ultra, can be used with any signs of dryness to help the surface heal.

  1. Nothing should get significantly worse.  Call Dr. Alessio with any significant decrease in vision, eye pain, redness or discharge.  His phone numbers are given to all surgical patients.
  2. You can discontinue wearing the eye shield at night, unless you normally rub your eyes at night.
  3. Avoid any extreme physical activity.  You may return to limited physical activity.   Ask Dr. Alessio about any activities you are not sure about.
  4. You may shower, but avoid getting soap and water directly into the eye.  Do not swim or submerge your head underwater.
  5. Your next appointment will be in about a month at the Strongsville office.  During that appointment, both eyes will be dilated and a prescription for glasses is usually given.  Bring any eye medications/instructions with you.  When in doubt about anything, please call the office or Dr. Alessio.  You and your vision are very important to us!

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