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Typical Cataract Instructions -1st week

Your typical eye drop instructions after surgery are:

Please take DUREZOL, CIPROFLOXACIN, and any artificial tears 4 times a day in the surgical eye.

Please take BROMDAY once a day in the surgical eye.

Wait 5 minutes in between eye drops.  The order does not matter.

  1. CHECK YOUR VISION EACH DAY by covering your non-operative eye with your glasses off.  Your vision should not get significantly worse than the previous day’s vision.  CALL DR. ALESSIO with any significant DECREASE IN VISION, EYE PAIN, REDNESS or DISCHARGE.  His phone numbers are given to all surgical patients.
  2. DO NOT RUB OR PUSH ON THE EYE.  If you think this may occur by accident, wear your eye shield.  You should WEAR YOUR EYESHIELD WHILE SLEEPING during the first week after surgery.
  3. Avoid any strenuous physical activity.  You may bend forward, but do so slowly.  Try to keep you head above your shoulders.  Lift up to 10-15 pounds the first week after surgery.
  4. You may shower, but avoid getting soap and water into the eye.  Do not swim or submerge your head underwater.
  5. A scratchy, gritty feeling is normal for the first week.  This is your wound healing.

Your office appointment with Dr. Alessio is next week at the Strongsville office.  Bring any eye medications/kit/instructions with you.  When in doubt about anything, please call the office or Dr. Alessio.  You and your vision are very important to us!

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