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Blepharitis is a chronic and frequent condition of the eyelids when dandruff-like debris builds up along the base of the eyelashes.  Blepharitis also can plug the oil glands responsible for producing the protective layer to your tear film.  Blepharitis can often be associated with chalazion, stye or hordeolum formations. Blepharitis will cause symptoms that include a sandy, gritty sensation with occasional burning and tearing.

Initial conservative treatment includes:

  •  Warm Compresses
    • Apply warm washcloth 1-3 times a day for 5-10 Minutes.  Keep the compress warm.
  •  Eyelid Massage
    • With your eye closed, push up on your lower lid and down on your upper lid.
  • Baby Shampoo Eyelid Scrubs
    • Apply few drops of baby shampoo on a soft baby size washcloth.  Scrub the base of your eyelashes with you eye closed and rinse.  Do one eye at a time.
  •  Artificial Tears
    • Apply artificial tears throughout the day as needed for comfort.  Optive, Refresh, Genteal, Systane are examples of artificial tears sold over the counter.

If your symptoms do not improve in 1-2 weeks, please make an appointment with Dr. Alessio.  There are more treatment options for people that do not improve with conservative treatment.

Blepharitis does not cause significant vision loss, eye pain or discharge.  If you experience any of these symptoms please notify us immediately so that you can be reevaluated.  Please call our office with any questions.

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