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Corneal Abrasion & Erosion

The cornea is the clear structure in the central front part of the eye.  It is the structure that contact lenses rest on.  The cornea covers the iris (the color part of the eye) and pupil (the black round hole in the center of the iris).

The cornea is exposed to injury from fingernails, makeup brushes, rubbing and foreign body injuries.  When the surface of the cornea is scratched it is called a Corneal Abrasion.  Symptoms of a corneal abrasion include sharp eye pain, tearing, light sensitivity, redness, irritation and blurry vision.

Treatment options for a corneal abrasion include antibiotic eye drops to prevent bacterial infection, pressure patching the eye shut, bandage contact lens and artificial tears.  Dry eyes, diabetes and smoking may prohibit healing.  Most abrasions take 2-7 days to heal.

Corneal Erosions occur when the surface of the cornea becomes detached without injury.  Erosions cause symptoms identical to a corneal abrasion.  Previous corneal abrasions and certain conditions (Epithelial Basement Membrane Disease) predispose people to corneal erosions.

Treatments for corneal erosions initially include the same treatments mentioned for corneal abrasions.  However, if erosions become recurrent additional treatments may need to be considered.  Complete surface removal, laser or needle puncture may help those that do not heal with conservative treatment measures. All eye injuries, including abrasions and erosions, should be treated under the care of Dr. Alessio or your local eye doctor.

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